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Why it’s time to face up to old age – Maclean’s article by Anne Kingston

The curse of small families – Maclean’s article by Brian Bethune

You can stay in Hollywood – just act your age – Maclean’s article by Brian D. Johnson

National Council on Aging – website with tools and resources to help older adults stay independent

BOOK: Parenting your Parents: Straight Talk for Aging in the Family by Bart Mindszenthy and Michael Gordon


The Caregivers Show – Friday May 6th, 2016, 10am – 5pm at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto!

Information for Caregivers – Government of Canada website

Lotsa Helping Hands – website to organize help with family and friends

Caregiving Matters – website offering education and support

Caregiver Stress – website with resources and advice

The Family Caregiver – website with home care and caregiving resources

Family Caregivers Voice – caregiver-led website promoting local support & self-advocacy

A Canadian Caregiver Strategy – a vision from the Canadian Caregiver Coalition

Share The Care™ – is a website aimed at improving the lives of Caregivers.

Being A Caregiver – Government of Canada website with tax and other information

BOOK: From Surviving to Thriving: Transforming your Caregiving Journey by Amy S. D’Aprix, MSW, Ph.D.

BOOK: Doris Inc.: A Business Approach to Caring for Your Elderly Parents by Shirley Roberts


White Lies: When Fibbing Is… Therapeutic? – Huffington Post article by Dr. Amy D’Aprix – an avenue of sharing health journey information via personal websites



Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association – website with resources for palliative care needs

Virtual Hospice – information and support for end-of-life care, loss, and grief


Heart and Stroke Health Etools – Resources to help everyone stay healthy

Canadian Cancer Society – information and resources website

Parkinson Canada – information and resources website

When family vetoes your organ-donation wishes – The Globe and Mail article by Anna Sharratt

National Institute on Aging – Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide

National Institutes for Health – Senior Health – website focused on health and wellness information for older adults


Inheritance tension; Why more families may be headed for court – CBC News report by Talin Vartanian

Will my children be talking after I die? – The Toronto Star article by Nancy J. White

Distributing your estate to your heirs: The methods and the message – The Globe and Mail article by Tim Cestnick

The inheritance wars– Maclean’s article by Charlie Gillis

Poor planning can leave tax mess and legal headache for heirs – The Globe and Mail article by Tim Cestnick


SeniorsZen – information on Retirement Homes, Assisted Living, Alzheimers and Home Care

Senioropolis – website for locating residences across Canada

Aging In Place – website focused on quality of life while continuing to live at home

When holding on to the family home makes sense – The Globe and Mail article by Gail Johnson

Downsizing Diva – downsizing and moving specialists – website search for help with managing dog care (USA)


Alzheimer Society (Canada)

Toronto Memory Program – website for specialist consultation and ongoing medical care

When A Parent Has Alzheimer’s: Honoring Your Traditions By Changing Them – Huffington Post article by Dr. Amy D’Aprix

Step Up, Speak Out About Alzheimer’s– Huffington Post article by Dr. Amy D’Aprix

BOOK: A Dignified Life: The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s Care by Virginia Bell & David Troxel

Patients’ families a big obstacle in care planning, doctors say – The Globe and Mail article by Kathryn Doyle

Alzheimer’s health club offering new type of care for seniors – The Toronto Star article by Lauren Pelley – The Benefits of Cooking with Alzheimer’s: A Caregiver’s Guide



Ten Early Signs of Dementia

Dementia Care and Training Specialist Teepa Snow joins Senior Helpers to help you recognize and understand the ten early signs of dementia.

Big money, big heartache

Maclean’s – Professional songwriter and estate lawyer Les Kotzer on avoiding the trauma of inheritance battles

Coping with grief associated with Alzheimer’s

Home Instead ran a contest for Alzheimer’s families to win a family reunion.
Dr. Amy participated in this video, providing advice.

Dancing with Parkinsons

The National Ballet of Canada has a community outreach program to bring dance to those who might never experience the joy of such movement.

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