Why does your family deserve an Essential Conversation?



Having Essential Conversations can make the world of difference to you and your family. It is the goal of every conversation to ensure that all people involved have a chance to share and be heard, especially the adult at the heart of the discussion.

Dad and Adult Son


We firmly believe that the best source for ideas is one’s own family. But we know that strong emotions can get in the way of productive dialogue.

The Essential Conversations Project® provides a neutral trained Facilitator to guide the discussion and bring objectivity. This allows open and constructive problem solving that results in a plan that meets everyone’s needs and expectations.

What’s the first step?

Fill out our ‘Find a Facilitator’ form and we will put you in touch with one of our Essential Conversation Project Designated Facilitators™.  These professionals have been trained in our unique methods of having an Essential Conversation.  The Facilitator will work with you to bring clarity to the key issue requiring discussion and help you determine the family members and support people who should participate.  Then you will decide who is best to get in touch with the participants to explain the process and the Essential Conversation can begin.


How does the process work?

The process starts with the Designated Facilitator meeting individually with each participant.  This provides a comfortable and safe avenue to share personal ideas and concerns.  The Facilitator is able to understand each person’s perspective and builds a complete picture of the issue at hand. Then the group will meet to discuss the key issue and work on a plan, together.  Based on the information gathered, the Facilitator will encourage open communication and guide the conversation in a harmonious and productive way. The length of this process will vary depending on how many people are involved.  In addition to any immediate family members, some situations might also include, caregivers, doctors or other medical professionals, and special friends or neighbors who may provide support.

What happens after an Essential Conversation?

Our intention is for the family to feel better equipped to navigate this life transition issue, based on the decisions and plans developed throughout the Essential Conversation. We’re here to provide ongoing support.  If you have another issue that could benefit from the guidance of a Facilitator, we will remain available and interested in your family.

This is the first time we have been able to fully hear each other.  There is no way we could have done this by ourselves.

Stephen D. & Mindy K.

Brother & Sister conversation

Resa S. Eisen and Dr. Amy S. D’Aprix speak about the importance of having Essential Conversations.


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