Every family deserves an Essential Conversation™

Family having an Essential Conversation.

The Essential Conversations Project® helps families make plans … together!

Whether it’s for the care of an aging relative, transition of a business from one generation to the next, planning for Wills and Powers of Attorney, or discussions about End of Life Care, the Essential Conversations Project can guide your family and help you create workable plans.


What is an Essential Conversation?

An Essential Conversation is a professionally guided, proactive discussion between family members and the people who support them. This inclusive process allows families to develop workable plans. We believe that everyone involved in a family life transition is impacted by it and should have the opportunity to contribute ideas and participate in its resolution.

How can your family benefit?

An Essential Conversations Process helps your family communicate proactively – whether issues are imminent or on the horizon. The result: a cohesive plan that everyone can embrace.


How does an Essential Conversation work?


Our Essential Conversations Project Designated Facilitators™ are trained in our innovative and proven methodology.  We help you address the concerns your family has for the future.


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